Wednesday, March 11, 2015

We are "Heading" to Spring

We are Super Excited to announce that we have added Headbands to our Four Winks Boutique Store! With Spring right around the corner, we will have the need to get our head up and out of our face! These are great for workouts, working in the garden, and more!!! The uses are endless for these.

Monogram Headband Ear Warmer with Ponytail hole 

 I am SUPER in love with these! These are made from a very light weight fleece and has a hole in the back for your ponytail!!! Can I just say, AH-MAZING and oh so clever!!!

I can not tell you how many early morning soccer games I have worn mine to! The headband keeps my ears warm and and my ponytail out of my way!

 These Monogram Headbands are 100% stretchy cotton and they are 2.5 inches wide, which is the perfect size for a cute vinyl monogram! This one shows a black headband with a white glitter monogram!
 I also have the head bands in Tie-Dye, Neon Colors, Shades of Blue, Polka Dots, Chevron, Strips, and more! If you LOVE pulling your hair back, this is a MUST have!

The Neon Headbands gives a fun and bright look to anything! Pair with your favorite Spring and Summer Wear or wear them out in garden! Both stylish and mega-useful!!

The Tie Dye Headbands offer a stylish and laid back look to your wardrobe! You can add your monogram or even name and message us with an idea to add a super cute peace sign and you will be the envy of every spring and summer party you attend!

Do you LOVE the blues?? Well these are for you! I have a whole collection dedicated to the many Shades of Blue. Get one in each shade and you will always have something to throw your hair with!

If you LOVE headbands like we do,  then we have you covered! Go grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, prop your feet up,  and visit Four Winks Boutique. I am sure you will find something that you will fall in love with!

Chevron Headbands
Striped Sparkle and Non-Sparkled Headbands  
Polka Dot Headbands

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