Saturday, January 14, 2012

A 4 year old's view...

on snow!  Thursday night, Ethan was happily playing up stairs in the playroom! Andrew was playing in his bedroom. I was cooking, it was  snowing. What a nice evening! Ethan runs down the stairs--"Mommy-Look, its snowing outside too!" he said jumping up and down so excited. TOO? was my first thought, what does he mean TOO? So, I slowly crept up the stairs, and with each stair leading closer and closer to the playroom, my thoughts wandered! I slowlying peeped around the door frame and yes, Ethan was right! A blizzard had just came through and I didnt see it on the radar! He had created his own snow by crumbling up little pieces of styrofoam and tossing it around the room! Maybe he should plan on working at a ski resort where he CAN make snow and people will love it! Pin It Pin It

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