Saturday, July 23, 2011

I wake up in the morning feeling like ....

Ugh! I hate waking up in the early morning
Hours, like 2 am and staying up until 4:45 restless. We should have a busy day today. I told
The boys NO boat until house is clean. So we
Will see if and when we will go. Mark has the tube strapped on, so maybe that will motivated them some.

just one hour from the time I posted this, we were on the water. Note to self-WOW!! Men can move fast when they have a motivation. Great time on the water, Andrew flew up off the tube!! Did a good deed today, rescued a stranded Jet-skier and took him to the boat ramp. Kinda of scared at first, not sure if he was the river version of THE HITCHIKER! you never know!

Got home in time to cook a nice dinner and eat with the family, take a shower, and watch some T.V. 

Mark has found a new love, he just stares at the boat. He will say, are you happy too? I tell him, I will be when we sell the pontoon.!! Pin It Pin It

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