Friday, July 29, 2011

Really?? Another Change, I should have known....

I had a long conversation with a wonderful friend today. I learned she was getting married (congrats--on the 4th time (I think)) HAHA! and that I will not be teaching what I had planned on all summer long. I always said that there is reasons for things even if they are not clear at the time. So maybe, this will be one. Is it worth it to talk to the principal and even ask why? Then, I ask myself-Do I really need to be a teacher-is that my true calling and my first instinct is YES! So let be what be and just plan on a good start of school. 

I feel that I am rambling and not making any sense, maybe it is a good thing that I wont be teaching Langauage. HAHA!

"Don't let things that you have no contol of, control you!" ~ Holly (my new and made up quote for the day). Pin It Pin It

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