Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Almond Cookie Giveaway!!!

A Little Bit of Everything and Almondina have the next prize in our celebration.  This all-natural, crispy almond cookie has no cholesterol and no added fat, salt, or preservatives.  I have to say that automatically makes it a winner for me.  And really for a no fat cookie, they really are quite good.  When you think no fat, you think no flavor.  Not with the Almondina cookie.  No fat means LOTS of flavor.  I was sent a sample pack.  I have to say they are all so good.  My family has been super excited about the chocolate ones.  We have been having them for dessert and snack time.  This is a snack I am happy to give my kids. They don't need any dipping at all.  It is a nice crisp cookie.  Has roasted almonds and plump raisins. You can go to their website and purchase a wide variety of flavors and sample packs as well.  Do you want a chance to win them for yourself.
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