Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Prize From Nordic Naturals!

Nordic Naturals is a great company for your Omega 3 fish oil.  They have a great variety as well.  They have for children, adults, vegetarians, and pregnant woman.  So of course you are thinking, why should I use Nordic Naturals?  They have been around since 1995.  They have third party testing that is done on purity and freshness of their oils.  They taste great.  And the list can go on. Why do I like them?  Well, they are about sustainability.  They care about being responsible.  With both fishing for the product, and for the production on land.  They have a history of how to fish Atlantic Cod, that is beneficial to both them, and the environment.  They uphold themselves to high standards.  Nordic Naturals is about giving back.  They are involved in the community so all know that they are not just another big business.  They care about the future generations, and our environment.  They are a company of action.  The prize today will be from Baby Babu.  It will be a cloth diaper.  a Rafflecopter giveaway Pin It Pin It

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