Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 5: The Noblo

A Little Bit of Everything and Noblo would like to bring up the next prize.  

The Noblo is listed as one of Martha Stewart's 20 must haves for the summer.  It is organic eco friendly, and natural.  The noblo was developed by mom's who wanted to take the danger out of beach going.  If you go to the beach and take an umbrella we all know that on windy days the umbrella can blow away.  Well the noblo takes care of that danger.  It is a nylon bag.  You fill it with sand when you get to the beach, attach the strap to the top of the pole, and then set the pole, and put the bag off to the side.  If the wind takes the umbrella down, the bag will keep the umbrella on the ground and by your things. 
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