Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two Free Books to Download!

You can download Gooseberry Patch Chicken Cookbook today from Amazon for FREE! It can be put on your Kindle, Computer, Smart Phone, iPad.
This Chicken cookbook contains delicious, classic dishes and tips that the whole family will love!!

You Can also download Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know from Amazon for FREE as well!

The book includes:

One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes                                            The Magic Mirror
Hansel and Grethel                                                                 The Story of Aladdin
The White Cat                                                                         The Second Voyage of Sinbad
The Golden Goose                                                                  The Twelve Brothers
Tom Thumb                                                                            Cinderella
Puss in Boots                                                                           Blue Beard
Sleeping Beauty                                                                     Jack and the Beanstalk
Little Red Riding Hood                                                         Jack the Giant Killer
The Three Bears                                                                    The Princess On The Pea
The Ugly Duckling                                                               Beauty and the Beast Pin It Pin It


  1. This is great! I need to download this for my kids to read while we are out in public and need a distraction!

    1. You are right! I am always needing a distraction!

  2. This is a great idea! I've been looking for unique chicken recipes for my kids. They love chicken! My daughter is starting to love reading lately and the fairy tale book would be perfect for her.