Sunday, July 8, 2012

Earn Cash Back on your On-Line Purchases!

Are you a frequent on-line shopper?

If you answered YES!! (like me), then learning about EBATES is a must!

EBATES is Online company that offers Rebates and Coupons at over 1,500 Stores!

The site is organized very nicely and it is super user friendly! You just click on your store and the link and BAM! you are shopping away and earning your cash rebate, plus saving money with the coupon!  The best part about this site is that it is FREE! So, what are you losing by checking it out? I can't think of one little thing!!! I have been using the company for over 2 years and in the beginning they would send me a BIG FAT CHECK and I would take it to the bank. But now, they offer direct deposit in your PayPal account, so I am doing that now. It is awesome to log in to PayPal and see money there!!

Here istheir TOP 20 STORES:

eBay No Discount                             
Target 4.0% Cash Back
jcpenney 4.0% Cash Back
Overstock 3.0% Cash Back 12.0% Cash Back
Kohl's 6.0% Cash Back
Walmart 4.0% Cash Back
Macy's 6.0% Cash Back
QVC 2.5% Cash Back
Staples 2.0% Cash Back
Barnes and Noble 2.0% Cash Back
Sears 2.0% Cash Back
Victoria's Secret 4.0% Cash Back
Nordstrom 3.0% Cash Back
Newegg Up to 3.0% Cash Back
Old Navy 6.0% Cash Back Up to 5.0% Cash Back
Best Buy Up to 3.6% Cash Back
HSN 2.0% Cash Back
Sephora 8.0% Cash Back
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