Sunday, July 1, 2012

Holly's Inventory Close-Out Auction!!!

Holly's Cookie Lee Page is hosting an Auction from July 1 - July 7!

The Goal of this auction is for her to reduce her inventory drastically in preparation for new jewelry from the upcoming Fall/Winter 2012 Catalog (which debuts August 2012).

Enter the Auction here:  Inventory Close-Out Auction

Floating Shell Necklace
Org. Price: $36

Starting out Bid: $6.00
(savings of $30!!!)

Indigo Ice Bracelet   
Org. Price: $42
Starting Out Bid: $12
(savings of $30)

Island Palm Cuff
Org. Price: $32

Starting Bid: $5.00
(Savings of $27)

If you are needing or just wanting a piece of jewelry, this is the place to check out!!! If you are looking for a particular piece, just shoot Holly an email and she will do her best to find it for you at the best price possible!!

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  1. Looks like great bargains are to be had on some really beautiful pieces.

  2. The Indigo Ice Bracelet is gorgeous!

  3. What great deals! I like the Island Palm Cuff very cute.

  4. Those are so nice! I'm trying to add jewelry to my pretty non-existent selection! I'll check it out!

  5. Love your jewelry... I will keep checking it out and looking forward to your new line as well.

  6. Wow the floating shell necklace is pretty.

  7. I've never seen an auction on a blog. So much to learn...